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Aeyyo aeyyo. Hiks hye guys thanks for dropping by. This web belongs to Elcah yes you can call me that if you want. Have a nice day ahead guys lavh ya! >.<


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19 Apr 2016 | 00:42 | 0 Comment(s)

*well i'm muslim hiks*

FINALLY YES FINALLY AFTER WHAT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER haha boleh jugak aku update blog aku ni. After 3 years i guess. Or four years? Aha lantaklah tak ingat. 

BCS THE OLD LAPTOP WAS MISSING AND MY MOTHER DIDNT  BUY ME A NEW ONE UNTIL THIS YEAR. Aha sounds pathetic rite? Well I know. Tu pun sebab my mom thinks that i would need this laptop thingy sebab dah nak sambung belajar.

Hahahahaha dah lama tak update blog and now guess what? Aku dah 18 okayyy dah lepas SPM dah punn hahaha dulu time dok update blog ni time berhingus jaa hahaha.

Okay thats it malas nak merapu panjang panjang bukannya ada orang baca pon hhahahahaha kbye.

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